The Pinehurst Garden Club

Exploring Gardens in the Sandhills

The Village Arboretum and Greenway

Part of the Rassie Wicker Park, the Village Arboretum and Greenway is located near the Village Hall in Pinehurst. It was established in 2003, designed by Larry Best and developed by the Village Heritage Foundation and is now maintained by the Village of Pinehurst Parks and Recreation Department. It features local flora and fauna over 35 acres and is a delightful place throughout the year to enjoy nature along the sandy pathways.

The Pinehurst Greenway is located in the heart of a premier golf destination. It winds for nearly 4 miles through the community of Pinehurst and its historic business district. The greenway links Rassie Wicker Park, Cannon Park, a butterfly garden and a fitness center. Look for and follow the greenway signs. Besides a recreational outlet, the Greenway Habitat Committee is working to make the Pinehurst Greenway a place where people can learn
about the native plants and animals that make this area their home.

Weymouth Woods, Sandhills Nature Preserve

This 902 acre nature preserve is located to the east of Southern Pines. Its objective is to preserve and portray the natural features unique to the Sandhills region.  While it does not allow camping, swimming or picnicking, it does provide a natural history museum which focuses on the ecology of the Sandhills, providing information on native birds and wildlife. Several hiking trails are available for visitors.


The Sandhills Horticultural Gardens and Ball Visitor Center 

These beautiful gardens are located on the grounds of The Sandhills Community College, Airport Rd. in Pinehurst. Several individually designed gardens of local and unusual plants, rock waterfalls and an innovative vegetable gardens are developed and maintained by landscape students and instructors. Visit www.sandhillshorticulturalgardens.com for more information.

Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities

The former home of James Boy on Connecticut Avenue in Southern Pines, is a meeting place for its Writers-in- Residence program. Throughout the year the Weymouth Center offers art, music, a floral displays 

program and Christmas House programs to the Sandhills community. The grounds are sculptured and maintained by a volunteer group called The Dirt Gardeners who offer a plant sale each year to fund their projects around the property. The landscape features beautiful year-round estate grounds..as they were at the turn of the century.

The Healing Garden

You can admire nature’s beauty in its purest form at the Healing Garden, nestled between the property of the Clara McLean House and the Pinehurst Greenway Trail.

Throughout the garden unexpected finds will delight the visitor; benches tucked into secluded spaces, art pieces adorning formal areas, boulders engraved with inspirational words scattered along paths, wildlife feeders and nest boxes hidden among the plants.

Chatham Mills “Pollinator Paradise” Garden
A demonstration garden created by Agriculture Agent Debbie Roos of the Chatham County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension. The garden features over 215 species of perennials, trees, shrubs, vines, and grasses, and 85% of them are native to North Carolina.

Click here for information.   https://growingsmallfarms.ces.ncsu.edu/growingsmallfarms-pollinatorgarden/

Pinehurst Greenway Wildlife Habitat Committee Pollinator Habitat

Located along the Pinehurst Greenway Trail next to the First Health Fitness Center, the pollinator habitat was established in 2007 as a demonstration garden.  There you can find information on native plants that attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators. You can see the pollinators that flock to the habitat, especially from August to October.

Calendar of Garden Events  


Pruning Workshop

January 26 (Saturday) 10AM – Noon

 Ball Visitors Center 
Conducted by Moore County Extension agent Taylor Williams.  Learn pruning basics then an outside demonstration of how it is done.  FREE but reservations are necessary. 

Register by calling 910-695-3882 or email landscapegardening@sandhills.edu

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For more Garden related events visit:

                    The Sandhills Horticultural Society and the

​                    Sandhills Horticultural Gardens - www.sandhillshorticulturalgardens.com


Biking and hiking trails, parks, children's playgrounds and greenway systems can be found by calling the local parks and recreation departments in the area. For Southern Pines call 910-692-2463. For Aberdeen call 910-944-7271. For Pinehurst call 910-295-2817.