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How to Take Care of Those Holiday Plants Now That the Holidays Are Over

What to do with that Christmas pointsettia...it looked beautiful but now it's starting to show its age.


Is it a Christmas cactus or a Thanksgiving cactus and how do I take care of it?


Amaryllis...Should I plant it outside or keep it in a pot?


NC State Extension Gardener Newsletter

This is an interesting quarterly publication from the state extension service. You'll find some interesting information to keep your mind on gardening during winter months.


Winter Gardening

The holidays are over and now come the cold, bleak winter months. Those pleasant days in the garden are gone until signs of spring begin to appear. But all is not lost. Here in North Carolina we are likely to have some stretches of sunny days with moderate temperatures that provide the opportunity to enjoy a stint in the garden, allowing us to catch up with chores we didn't finish before days grew short and the holidays intervened. There are also gardening chores that can best be done during the winter months. So what should we do at this time of year when weather and time allow? Follow this link to find useful information on what you can do in your garden during the winter months.​ 


If this has inspired you to head outside with your pruning shears, read on. 

Here's some general information on when and how to prune various types of plants.


​Pruning hydrangeas is a source of confusion for many gardeners. Follow this link to guidance on how and when to prune different varieties of hydrangea. 


Crepe myrtles are another shrub/tree that often leaves the average gardener in a state of bewilderment on how to proceed with the pruning shears. Here's some information to help you avoid the common crime of "crepe murder."



Perennial lantanas can be tricky to prune. Timing and method are critical to whether the plant can survive the winter.


Extension Gardener Handbook

Includes anything and everything you could possibly want to know about gardening in North Carolina.


Gardening Calendar

What you need to know about gardening at this time of year